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Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Systems

The Aqua-nova wastewater treatment system can treat all your household wastewater, even from your toilet, laundry and kitchen.  It is a system that operates with two tanks, the first which processess the water anaerobically and the second tank uses an aerobic digestion process to complete the total digestion process.  The clean water can then be used on your lawns and gardens.  The tanks have a 15 year warranty for your peace of mind, and electrical components have a 2 year warranty.

Domestic Grey Water Systems

Our grey water system is installed below ground and is available in a choice of either polymer or concrete tank.  Supplying your garden with household grey water (an average household creates 600 litres of greywater per day!) is a fantastic way to save money and your plants.  The grey water system is fully integrated and automatic.


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Aqua-nova® have earned the reputation of being one of the market leaders in producing quality Wastewater Systems and Environmental solutions, servicing Australian households day in, day out.



Wastewater Treatment

The Aqua-nova® is a two tank system which provides the very latest in aerated wastewater treatment systems for both domestic wastewater treatment and commercial wastewater treatment.

You can rely on this effective environmentally friendly wastewater recycling process that is safe, with clean usable recycled wastewater all the time.

With many benefits including a non-obtrusive design, odour free, and low cost operation the system is suitable for domestic as well as commercial wastewater treatment. It has been approved to Australian standards and is fully guaranteed.

Domestic Grey Water Systems

Micro-nova domestic grey water systems are easy to install, regularly serviced by trained distributors, and can supply anywhere up to 200,000 litres per year of clean treated water to outdoor plants.

Use greywater from the shower, bath and laundry to keep your garden look its best. The unit treats the greywater and delivers water that is safe for your soil, plants, lawns, trees and shrubs.




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